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Television Writer/Showrunner

Gretchen Berg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Berg always had a knack for storytelling as a child and was often found daydreaming while playing with peers. In high school, she was heavily involved in drama classes allowing her a first-hand view into the world of storytelling, acting, reading and exposure to scripts. Berg’s young imagination continued to blossom as she transitioned into adulthood and led her to a successful career in writing and entertainment.[Wikipedia]

Berg attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. During her time at college, Gretchen Berg met Aaron Harberts during a media creative writing program. Little did the two know, a few years down the road, they would reconnect and establish themselves in Hollywood as a successful writing and producing team. In life they say it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know, and this statement holds true for the trajectory of these two Northwestern students. The two individual talents would combine to become one of Hollywood’s most well-known writing teams.

Berg and Harberts were a couple years apart at Northwestern University, but their time getting to know one another would come in handy when they reconnected post-college in Los Angeles. Due to a housing situation that fell through when Harberts moved to LA, Berg offered him a place to sleep. Through chance or destiny, the two quickly learned that they worked well and creatively together. So naturally, two driven people, new to the LA scene, combined their natural flow and talents to write a script together. While no one ever really saw the original script they made together, they knew they had the right chemistry to work together and be successful.

Berg and Harberts first worked on Beverly Hills 90210, and this is when they put their mark on the entertainment world as engaging and serious writers. They were hired as staff writers when Beverly Hills 90210 captivated audiences across America as viewers loved living vicariously through the world of Beverly Hills privilege and drama.

After 90210, Berg and Harberts were hired to work on the show Roswell. Over the running time of the show, the team served as writers and producers. Berg and Harberts made an impression among the Hollywood world after the success of this show. In true Berg and Harberts style, the two continued to their next creative project. After Roswell, the duo began working on the show Wonderfalls as both writers and producers. As they were busy writing and working on Wonderfalls, they began to work on another show, Pushing Daisies. The duo worked on Pushing Daisies for a year and then worked on the show Mercy.

Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts worked as the executive producers for the show Revenge from 2013-2015. Revenge was a hit and had a large following. The show is captivating as it gives a look into the life of the Hamptons wealth, beauty, and status, combined with a dark twist’ve guessed it, revenge for wrongs of the past.

Berg and Harberts have established their craft in the Hollywood realm as diverse writers and producers. They have worked on a wide variety of shows including sci-fi, teen dramas, comedies, and everything in-between.

Gretchen Berg currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and is a season ticket holder. Berg was influenced by Remington Steele and The Monkees. With a little hard work, serendipity, creativity, and the right vision, this dynamic writing team of Berg and Harberts was born. This duo had a grass-roots fashion of starting their career in an extraordinarily competitive industry. Imagination thrives on innovation - and when two people with different artistic visions come together, something truly special can be created.

Gretchen recently tweeted that she and writing partner Aaron Harberts are working on NBC's new musical drama, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. Berg has joined as a writer and executive producer. The show is focused on a woman who, after an unexpected event, begins to hear peoples innermost wants through songs.

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